A Bit About Me

Impediments be gone!

I'm driven by an intense desire to remove obstacles. As a former copyeditor, that meant curbing confusion; as a facilitator, overcoming miscommunication; as an artist, making physical interfaces that encourage participants to overcome their social inhibitions. I take joy in helping others engage more fully. 

That’s why I love UX design. 

I love creating user experiences that are simple, intuitive, and delightful, for products and services that create real value for people. And I’m looking to join a collaborative team that values the same.

What I bring to the team

A gregarious introvert, I listen more than I talk, and I want to understand everything. I want to see the problem—and the solution—from every angle. From there, let's iterate!

Once I know you, I’ll probably start sending you interesting articles and hyperlinks related to your unique interests. I’m a cross-pollinator—socially, and in my own brain—always looking for connections.

Me Outside of UX

In the day-to-day, I love documenting the funny things my kids say, playing with words (especially spoonerisms), going to the library, expanding my musical taste, dancing awkwardly, and reading graphic memoirs. 

And I’m always up for new experiences, and new learning.